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Brunch Saturday & Sunday 11AM-3:30 PM

De La Plancha

Coquito Pancakes  9
  Coconut pancake with Spiced Rum infused Syrup

Torejas  9
  Cuban style French toast, Butter infused maple syrup, Berry Whipped Cream

Le Crepe  9
  Crepe made to order with a passion fruit cream cheese and strawberries

LOS Huevos Rancheros  12
  Jack cheese black bean quesadilla, fried eggs, pico de gallo, guac, crema,           cotija, sofrito

Chicken Chilaquiles  13
  Shredded chicken, tortilla, salsa verde, pico de gallo. guacamole, crema, cotija, fried eggs

Steak and Eggs  14
  Medium cooked skirt steak, Over-easy Eggs, Home Fries

Fresh Biscuit Benedicts  14
  Country style biscuits, Chorizo, Poached Eggs, Cilantro Hollandaise, Home Fries, Salad

"Bacon Egg and Cheese" Burger  13
  Scrambled Egg, American Cheese, Crispy Bacon, Buttered Bun, Twice cooked Fries and Salad

Tres Golpes   13
  Mangu, Dominican Salami, Fried Cheese, Sunny Side Egg, Pickeled Onion

Arroz con Huevo  12
  Peruvian stir fried rice w/ chicken, Avocado chunks, "Fried Egg"

Eggs in a Hole  12
 Bread, avocado, potato baskets with baked eggs, light cheese drizzle with home fries, mixed green salad

Los Fuertes

Medio Pollo  13
  Rice, Beans, Maduros, Salsa Verde, Garlic Vinaigrette

Pernil  13
  Roasted Pork, Rice, Beans, Maduros, Blend Sauce

Pasta Azteca  9
  Pasta made in house, Tomatillo "Pomodoro", Cotija Cheese

Add Chicken 2.00 l Add Skirt Steak 3.00 l Add Shrimp 4.00

Salmon Burger  11
  Pan Seared, Lime Scented Creme, Salad

Ropa Vieja  13
  Slow cooked braised beef, rice, beans, sweet plantains

Bistec de Pollo  13
Pan seared chicken with caramelized onions, rice, beans, sweet plantains with side of blend sauce

Veggie Burger  9
Portobello mushroom, black bean patty, served with salad

Cuban Madame  10
Classic cuban madame style

Sides all $3
White Rice and Beans
Home Fries
Turkey Bacon
Vegetable Rice
Sauteed Spinach


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